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If you have recently been identified as needing a Fracture Liaison Service appointment, as part of your routine NHS care, you may have received an invite to take part in the iFraP study.

This video explains what is involved when choosing to take part in the iFraP trial

The study is working with NHS Fracture Liaison Service in the following trusts:

Midlands Partnership
NHS Foundation Trust
Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire

Oxford University Hospitals
NHS Foundation

Portsmouth Hospitals University
NHS Trust

Royal Wolverhampton
NHS Trust

Keele cannot send you information about this research directly without your permission.
Therefore, your local Fracture Liaison Service will have sent you an invite letter with reply slip, to indicate whether you would like to know more about this study.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to take part in the study unless you have been sent an invitation.